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Idlewild performs mainly Celtic Traditional music from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Brittany, and the Isle of Man. You may also hear them play early and traditional music from various cultures , such as English, French and old time American music.


Idlewild can perform as a duo, (Dave and Carol) or Trio, Quartet, Quintet on up to a seven piece group.

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Idlewild Quartet at the Interfaith Roundtable's Musical Tribute 2012

                        Idlewild                                   Glastonbury duo

                          6 piece group                                      Utah Performing Arts Tour 2005-06 Season


The Glastonbury duo plays music from the Celtic countries, Tudor England and Renaissance Europe. Carol and Dave Sharp play many unusual instruments from haunting Harp and Flute to songs of long ago or rousing dance tunes. Period costumes and hand carved instruments with short tales (Tom the Tailor or David of the White Rock) and bits of culture told with the music. Instruments include a hand carved Celtic Harp, Bowed Psaltry, Irish Flute, whistles, Recorders, Dvoyanka, Alto Cortol, Zils, Bodhran, Tamborine, Mountain Dulcimer (known as the Schietholt or Epinette) and vocals sung in Gaelic, Welsh, English, and Latin. You can even see a Unicorn percussion toy that was used in Medieval and Renaissance music and plays. For willing participants we might teach a dance or two from the villages and courts of Europe .